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bi excellence: Analyses taken to the next level!

Nowadays the access to the right data is essential for success or failure.
Accessing data is just a first step. Eventually the right combination and interpretation of data is the key to success.

BI Technologie

Often every department of a company has its own IT-Solution with encapsulated data. The biggest challenge is to combine heterogenous data sources to create meaningful KPIs.

  • Sales KPIs from ERP Systems
  • Traffic KPIs from webcontrolling systems
  • Customer KPIs from CRM Systems

Al of these key figures have a common feature but they all come from different source system and do not speak the same language (and therefore can not be combined).
To solve this problem IT-Consultants would have to export the data into a new system and bring them into a standardized structure. This results in high cost and a lot of time effort.
The open bi Framework works in an intelligent and unique way: Connecting data from SAP, Google, Salesforce or Microsoft is every day work for the open bi Framework.