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Frontend Solutions

The best user interface for every need

Every company has different requirements and demands regarding disposability and ways to access the company data.

Therefore for example the management department needs a different access to information as the mechanic at the construction site.


To fit these unequal requirements our systems are open in every sense, regardless of how you want to display your data: in powerpoint or on a mobile client - we deliver a strong, working solution

Manage a large number of users with individual user rights, or import these information from your previous system. This ensures a user specific and secure access for groups or single users independant from your starting point.

Once again: You keep your infrastructure - iPad, PC, Tablet - and if you want us to we will adapt ourselves to your needs.

Open bi Frontend Solutions - Overview


Web Client for representing and analyzing data in the form of reports and dashboards.

A content driven frontend, which embeds nummbers in a web browser, similar to love updates on finance websites.

  • Simple integration of company data in Microsoft Office
  • Create presentations and dashboards from unstructured data
  • Extend exisiting documents with (animated) charts, maps or editable tables
  • Save and send a document with a snapshot of your data
  • Data preprocessed for Excel, PowerPoint, Access und Word

Dashboards from multiple source systems

Webdashboards enable the best overview over your company data possible

  • Simple: Display data from several source systems at the same time, without the user noticing from which source the data is from. For example: Marketing Data from Google and Marketing budget from OLTP combined with sales data from SAP BW.
  • Flexible:Analyze your data ad-hoc using tables and charts with flexible filter possibilities.
  • Consistent:Analyze hard to access data (e.g. salesforce or Google) and create a central dashbaord for consitent reporting.

Integration in Office applications

Using BI Office eXcellence the integration of your company and BI data in Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel und Outlook) is no longer a problem:

  • Efficient:Extend your documents with animated charts, maps or editable tables, which are directly connected to the source system and can therefore be easily updated
  • Comfortable: Save and send a document with a snapshot of your data and refresh the data whenever you wish to.
  • Smart: Represent the data as Hichert-Charts and navigate thropugh Live-Data to answer questions from your audience sponteously during a presentation.