Gain more time for the essential! With our self service analytics solution biAnalytics. Available as web dashboarding tool, as well as Add-On for Microsoft Office.

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Design Studio Export

Create export documents from your SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio dashboards. We are able to export to PDF, PowerPoint, Word and Excel - flexible and customizable!

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Alexa Skill

With our Voice Skill for Baking Companies you can create your own Amazon Alexa Skill so your customers can ask Alexa about your opening hours and more!

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open bi

Whether it's about an extranet, portal solution, campaign pages, exporting or analytics. The open bi repository framework is the right solution for youir business intelligence sceanrio.

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About bi excellence

Founded in 2007 under the name IBS Solution wir are now offering easy to use Business Intelligence Solutions. Our portfolio contains Add-Ons and Products in the deprtment of SAP BW, as well as solutions for analysing and defining business processes for example in the department of marketing and sales.

"business intelligence - reconsidered!"

The open bi framework froms the heart of our softwware solutons. This technical plattform acts also as a business plattform. This symbiosis containing a technical and entrepreneurial Platform is our Business Platform 4.0: Integration of every data source of a company for ideal controlling of ist processes. This is the foundation for our vision, to reinterpret the matter Realtime BI.

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In our bi blog and the biAnalytics blog we are talking about our newest functions and products and also providing helpful trainings and tutorials for you. Make sure to visit our website every once in a while to read the newest content.


open bi Repository Server Release 3.3.0

We just released open bi Repository Server version 3.3.0.


  • Core: HTTP response compression is enabled again. If you want to also enable response compression for HTTPS set the server setting "USE_COMPRESSION_FOR_HTTPS" to "X".
  • Core: configure network interface for SMTP client. If the server has more than one network interface you can set the server setting "SMTP_BIND_IP" to the IP adress of the desired network interface.
  • Dataprovider: new "FROM_DATA_ROW" / "FROM_DATA_COL" parameters in "GET_GRID_DATA" which will return the data cells for the desired rows and also the dimension / keyfigure headers which is useful for pagination.
  • Dataprovider: support for calculated variables. You can now use excel like formulas for the LOW and HIGH value of variables which will be calculated everytime the dataprovider is opened.
  • Export: updated excel dependency which fixed a bug with conditional formats inside export templates.
  • CMS: all open bi HTML items can now be made async by using "GetHtmlFromTagChildAsync" and "ProcessActionChildAsync".

You can download the new version from here after you are logged in.

Veröffentlicht am 03.09.2018 von Bastian Buchholz