open bi CMS

open bi CMS

More than just managing content

Whether as a portal solution, e-commerce or as intra, -extranet, our open bi CMS plugin is the solution for your future web project.

Based on our open bi framework, open bi-CMS offers you a selection of ready-made and customizable web elements, such as registration and contact forms, login and navigation bars or shopping carts and blog entries. Thus, your customized and easily expandable portal can be realized in no time.

Due to the modular structure of the open bi framework, open bi-CMS offers you much more than just classic content management. Because with open bi-CMS you can easily add and seamlessly integrate further modules from our product portfolio, such as Analytics or Conversational AI.

open bi CMS

An integration of further data sources is also possible: For example, a customer list could be retrieved from the in-house CRM and displayed to external consultants in your portal.

open bi CMS is a complete solution including registration of the domain and hosting of the portal in the data center in Düsseldorf. Therewith open bi-CMS complies with the ISO27001 guidelines and is also multiple protected against failures of different kinds. But just because open bi CMS is hosted in Germany does not mean that our product can only speak German. But just because open bi CMS is hosted in Germany doesn't mean that our product can only speak German. Through multilingualism we offer you the possibility to welcome your international customers - "so, can we help you?".

We will not leave you alone

It is important to us that you are completely satisfied with your solution. For this reason, the use of the open bi-CMS is always in connection with a project for us. Your requirements are recorded, a feasibility with the open bi-CMS is evaluated and then implemented by us or with our help by you.

The most important question is: How can you use the strengths of open bi to create more synergies and thus added value for your portal by using additional open bi framework elements? Because at the end of the day the answer to this question should always be: open bi CMS - saves time and resources.

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